Underwater burning in the Eemshaven

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On a stormy afternoon, our dive team was called to Eemshaven seaport by Jongema from Drachten. Right next to the Carnival Jubilee, a cruise ship from the Meyer Werft in Papenburg that is currently being completed in the port, there was a work pontoon with a crane on it. The pontoon made a movement towards the ship. To prevent a collision, it was decided to brake the pontoon with one of the spud poles. As a result, the anchor post was bent, making it no longer possible to raise it.

Our divers arrived quickly on site with a fully equipped equipment truck. Almost all equipment, such as burning tools, video equipment and diving equipment, was loaded onto a ship and sailed to the pontoon.

Holes were first burned in the spud pole to ensure that no oxygen accumulated in the pipe during burning. The pole was then burned through under water so that the top part could be hoisted up through the intended hole. The remaining part of the anchor post has also been secured by the divers.

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