Open day Eemshaven: Great kick-off of cooperation with Underwater scan

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The Eemshaven – the main seaport of Groningen – exists 50 years. To mark the occasion, an open day was organized on Saturday 10 June with many activities for the public and where companies were given the opportunity to present themselves.

We have used this opportunity to make the cooperation that we recently entered into with Onderwaterscan concretely visible. This was a great success. There was a lot of interest in our diving and ROV demonstrations and we were able to tell various visitors about the possibilities that this cooperation offers to both parties. Diving company DTS and Onderwaterscan are both very regularly active in Eemshaven (see also: Diving company Eemshaven) and complement each other excellently in the field of underwater work and inspections. Just like DTS, Onderwaterscan is also mainly active in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe and in the northern ports such as Eemshaven, Lauwersoog and Harlingen.

Why do we choose ROV support?

In the world of diving and underwater work, safety is becoming an increasingly important topic. After all, diving is never without danger. While an ROV will never be able to fully replace a human diver – it has no sense of touch, no judgment, and cannot perform work, repair, or intervene in emergencies – it has become an important tool for underwater operations and inspections.

With an underwater drone or ROV we can inspect the environment for possible risk factors prior to a dive. With sonar you can look far ahead, with a razor-sharp image!

Underwater inspections with ROV

With an ROV we are able to get to places that are inaccessible for a dive team. Also, it is an ideal tool to safely perform underwater inspections and tank inspections. Various measurements can be made with the equipment, video recordings can be made and samples can be taken. Another advantage of using an ROV is that shipping can often continue as usual during an inspection of, for example, a lock. So less blockages!

Through close cooperation with Onderwaterscan, we have access to various underwater drones and ROVs. In addition, Onderwaterscan has a truck with not only storage space for the equipment, but also a workshop and office. As a result, everything is on site for a full inspection and the digital report can be made immediately. If desired, a client or expert can watch on site during the inspection.

Need a dive team and, or ROV service quickly? Diving company DTS guarantees an experienced diving team on site throughout the Netherlands within 2 to 3 hours – 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In the three northern provinces, we are on location on average within 60 – 90 minutes.

Diving company DTS is certified according to VCA* 2017 6.0 and ISO 9001-2015.