Independent inspection of clean water tanks

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DTS divers recently assisted in inspecting a clean water tank – in this case a sprinkler tank – using an ROV (underwater drone). The tank contains tap water that is intended to supply the sprinkler system in the company with water in the event of a fire.

The assessment standard for such an inspection is derived from the NFPA25. The water basin and associated installations are checked on the following points:

  • Is the bottom free of sediment?
  • Is the internal surface free of pitting corrosion, chips or other forms of deterioration?
  • Is the interior of the tank free of waste, dirt, and algae or plant growth?
  • Is the internal coating intact?
  • Is the tank bottom free of dents and, or damage?
  • Is the liner still intact?
  • Are there heating elements and are they in good condition?
  • Is the anti-vortex plate in good condition and is the passage of the suction pipe not obstructed?

Measuring is knowing

DTS provides technical advice for underwater work, various technical studies, inspections, sampling, measurements and second opinions.

Because we work as a team, there is thorough control during implementation. As a result, DTS achieves optimal results. The client actually gets what they pay for.

Findings of these types of inspections are recorded in an extensive report, supported by photos and video recordings. During the inspection, a tank, basin or cellar can immediately be cleared by a diver of any objects, sediment or other matters that could hinder the operation of the installation.

ROV deployment

As an alternative or in addition to a diving team, it is possible to use an ROV (underwater drone). For example, when there is only a small manhole or when a difficult-to-reach space needs to be inspected. However, an ROV cannot carry out any actual work – wall thickness measurements, internal inspection of (suction) pipes with a camera, sampling, clean-up and repair work will always be done by divers.

Guaranteed independent advice

When you have your installations inspected, you want to be certain that your interests are served, not those of an installation company or tank builder. DTS guarantees expert, independent technical advice in understandable language. Our reports are based exclusively on visual observations and knowledge of DTS.

Do you need a specialized diving team quickly? Call DTS: +31 (0)88-365 24 07. An all-round and experienced de team is guaranteed to arrive on site throughout the Netherlands within 3 hours, in the Northern provinces within 1.5 hours. 365 Days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DTS is certified according to VCA* 2017 6.0 and ISO 9001-2015