Collision on the Schuilenburg bridge

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Recently, the bridge at Schuilenburg (Friesland) was hit by an 85 meter long cargo ship. It sailed at full speed against the bridge deck, causing considerable damage to the bridge structure.

On behalf of Heuvelman Ibis, a diving team from DTS removed various parts of the bridge from the bottom of the Prinses Margriet Canal on Sunday so that the road was quickly cleared for shipping again. The bridge itself was no longer operable and was therefore completely blocked for road traffic. The repair of the bridge is expected to take weeks.

Underwater damage

Any possible damage underwater also had to be determined. On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, we returned to Schuilenburg on Thursday to carry out a visual underwater inspection of the foundations of the bridge pillars – in close collaboration with Heijmans. We are currently working rapidly to prepare the videos and our reporting, so that the client can add them to their inventory and continue with the recovery plans.

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