A week of underwater inspection

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At the request of our client, the Province of Groningen, DTS carried out an underwater inspection on the electrically powered inspection vessel PW18 last week. This ship is used for supervision, enforcement and guidance of shipping and events on the water.

The main purpose of the inspection was to visually assess the state of maintenance of essential parts of the ship. During the inspection we cut a considerable piece of construction cloth from the propeller and propeller shaft on the starboard side, preventing it from moving freely. There was also a piece of cloth on the port side.

And that is just one example of inspections we regularly carry out. For the rest of the week, our divers performed several underwater inspections:

  • The cargo ship Noveno was moored in Hillegom, in the province of Zuid-Holland. We carried out a screw inspection here and found that it was damaged.
  • In the northern main port ‘Eemshaven’ we inspected the bow thruster of container ship Polar Rock as the crew had heard something chattering. Our divers noticed that the bow thruster grilles were loose so they tightened them again.
  • In the port of Lauwersoog we cleared the propeller of a fishing cutter from Urk. As we often see, a piece of rope was tangled in it.
  • We also carried out an inspection in Lauwersoog at the threshold of the storm surge gates of the Robbengat lock and carried out some work on a fish migration gate.

Naturally, an extensive report has been drawn up of all these inspections, supplemented with images.

As an independent advisor, DTS provides expert technical advice. Our reports are based exclusively on observations and knowledge of DTS. DTS achieves optimal results through control during execution of the work.

DTS uses advanced diving equipment and only works with certified divers. This is guaranteed by the DTS quality management system. Mandatory registration guarantees strict checks on identification, certification and health declarations. Before a diving team enters the water, the Dive Profile is reviewed, which includes matters such as a Toolbox meeting and a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA).

Do you need a professional diving team for an inspection underwater or in an area where independent breathing protection is required? Call DTS: 088-365 24 07. An all-round and experienced dive team is guaranteed on site throughout the Netherlands within 3 hours, in the Northern Netherlands within 1.5 hours. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Diving company DTS is certified according to VCA* 2017 6.0 and ISO 9001-2015.

Rope with mooring line in the screw

Bent propeller blades

Construction cloth in propeller

Tighten bolts