Sprocket: Perfect addition in the field of steelwork above and below the waterline

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During our underwater inspections and repair work we encounter a lot of steelwork and steel structures. Bridges, locks, pumping stations, quays – steel is very commonly used in infrastructure and hydraulic engineering and of course also requires the necessary maintenance.

In collaboration with our sister company Sprocket B.V. we can provide the supply, installation and maintenance of steelwork around the waterline. We have an arsenal of (among other things) hydraulic tools. In addition, our divers are very technically skilled. Welding and burning above and below water, sawing, drilling – DTS has all the knowledge, skills and the right tools to carry out steel work properly and safely – both above and under water.

With Sprocket we have a team of engineers behind us. Sprocket controls the entire preliminary phase; from cost estimation, engineering, production (supervision), surface treatment and the supply of steelwork surrounding structures. Think of lock stairs, balustrades, railings, auxiliary steel, quay reinforcements and architecturally designed steel.

Sprocket supplies steelwork with a declaration of performance. Parts can be supplied with CE marking under execution class 2 or 3.

Because the companies perfectly complement and strengthen each other, we are self-sufficient and efficient in repairs and maintenance of steel structures along the water and we are also able to realize new steel works.

Are you curious about what we can do for your steel project? Then make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Call 088-3652407 or email to info@duikbedrijfdts.nl or info@sprckt.nl.

Diving company DTS is certified according to VCA* 2017 6.0 and ISO 9001-2015.